From the moment you check-in at Olde Bangalore, we will strain every sinew to make sure that your stay is not only comfortable but you also have a myriad reasons to want to come back again, and relive this journey of self-discovery. There are a million reasons why our valued guests keep returning to Olde Bangalore, most of them having experienced this pioneering ‘rest-cure’ experience first hand. Amongst all those reasons, here are those that we believe stay the closest to their hearts, and why they loved this special holiday & healing at Bengaluru’s greenest resort & wellness center.

Pro-category size Swimming Pool Olde Bangalore

Olympic-size Swimming Pool

The 25-metre, 6-lane Pro-category pool is all yours. An architectural marvel, created without digging a single inch.

Indoor Air-Rifle Shooting Range

The charges are minimum Rs.90/- for first 10 pellets and subsequently, all pellets are charged at Rs.5/- each.

Indoor Badminton Court

Sweat it out at the pro-quality nets, bathed in natural light, with natural air-conditioning, another unique Olde Bangalore destination.

Table-tennis North Bengaluru


An integral part of the indoor activities and recreation at Olde Bangalore. A proven game to revisit your younger college days.

Pool Games

Straight Pool on your mind, or would you rather have a more aggressive 8-ball game to round off the evening ? Be our guest.

Dart Board

Nothing like a Dart Board game to whip up some friendly competition between friends.


The proven way to strengthen your brain muscles, ( if ever there were them) . Never a dull moment in this battle of cold strategy and incisive logic.

Carrom Game Olde Bangalore Resort


The country’s favourite cue-based multi-player game which surprisingly don’t need Wi-Fi. Perfect antidote for an evening that holds no promise.

Card Game

It is said that there are countless card games. At Olde Bangalore, inventing one more is a distinct possibility.

Nature Walk at Olde Bangalore

Nature Walks

Miles of safe roads for your morning walks or to take in a fresh breath of life. The many flowering-trees & all-day bird-songs are bonuses

Gymnasium in North Bengaluru


Keep up with your fitness routine at our free gymnasium, allowing you to unwind after a busy day working or holidaying at Olde Bangalore.

Green Bicycle Trails

Green Bicycle Trails

The wind in your hair, the sun on your back, and pathways that love you. At Olde Bangalore, re-discover the joy of bicycling.