Remember how Bangalore used to be? Coming into Olde Bangalore is like taking a lazy trip down memory lane – into the simple elegance of an era gone by. It’s hard to believe this oasis of calm is so close to a city gone mad!

Olde Bangalore is really not just another resort. Read on to learn more about 

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Accommodation at Olde Bangalore Resort & Wellness Center is located within 25 unique guest cottages inspired by the nomadic traveler, which is what today’s professional is!


Ayurvedic Wellness Center near Bengaluru Airport

The Itoozhi Ayurvedic Hospital and Wellness Center Bengaluru, one of the leading Ayurveda Hospitals in India, offering therapeutic treatment and holistic wellness is adjacent to Olde Bangalore Resort. Discover the true meaning of ‘rest-cure’, with your family & friends.


Olde Bangalore provides a delightful dining experience, rooted in traditional hospitality and the produce of the season.

Best multi-cuisine restaurant near bangalore airport


Olde Bangalore’s world-class amenities will certainly make you want to return again whenever you’re truly looking at a rest-cure.