The Itoozhi Ayurvedic Hospital and Wellness Center Bengaluru, one of the leading Ayurveda Hospitals in India, offering therapeutic treatment and holistic wellness is adjacent to Olde Bangalore Resort. Discover the true meaning of ‘rest-cure’, with your family & friends.

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Every girl’s phone gallery is filled with screenshots of probable bridal attires, ornate hair-styles, perfectly done make-up, floral jewelry and several other elements which offer her inspiration for her fairy-tale wedding. It can be rightly said that it’s the most important day of her life. And she goes that extra mile, to paint a pretty picture. With all the eye-balls trailing her, every aspect of her look needs to be carefully thought upon before finalizing. Another detail that she places importance on is her skin, which should radiate with that natural pinkish glow. Wouldn’t you agree? That’s where Ayurveda steps in with a range of pre-bridal services. The therapies and treatments are tailored to offer her the much-needed rest and relaxation before the festivities of the wedding. Unbelievable as it may sound, you can avail these Ayurvedic treatments in a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore.   Look no further, because the city’s Olde Bangalore Resort offers its guest wellness services like no other with its in-house Itoozhi Ayurveda Hospital & Wellness Centre.

Ayurvedic Pre Bridal Treatment

Shiro Abhyangam

What does your pre-bridal checklist entail? It most likely involves being calm, sleeping well, nourishing your body, and adding that glow to your skin. The Shiro Abhyanga massage offers all this and a lot more.

Gold Facial

Every girl’s skin has an inherent charm of its own. As a bride wouldn’t you want your skin to be aglow and radiate a shine?The Ayurvedic Gold facial packed in with Ayurvedic herbs ensures that.


Wouldn’t you want your feet to be pretty and pink before your big day? The Padabhyanga massage apart from leaving you nimble-footed also prevents foot ailments and brings down stress levels.

Herbal Steam Bath

Wouldn’t you want to calm those nerves before the impending wedding? Just imagine, the incense of herbs infused in wafts of steam to cleanse your body of all its impurities.  And that’s what the Herbal steam bath offers you.

Full Boby Scrub

A concoction of herbs and medicinal oil is generously lacquered on the body in upward strokes. You may be wondering how does this therapy benefit the bride? It exfoliates the skin and lends to it a luminescent glow. 

Fresh Fruit Pack For the Body

Wouldn’t you want your skin to radiate with all its youthful charm? Fruits reduce the impact of aging. It also softens, exfoliates and casts a glow to one’s skin.  Can you think of a better way than this to prep up for D-day?

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Book Your Ayurvedic Pre Bridal Package