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Bengaluru’s favourite Resort, designed with ESG in mind

Olde Bangalore Resort & Wellness Center has been designed using the ESG filter ( Environment, Social & Governance), conforming to all the 3 core pillars of the ESG criteria.

The three core pillars of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria represent the foundation of sustainable investing and corporate responsibility.


This pillar focuses on a company’s impact on the environment, including its carbon footprint, resource usage, waste management, and efforts towards conservation and sustainability.


The social pillar assesses a company’s relationships with its stakeholders, including employees, customers, communities, and suppliers. It evaluates factors such as labor practices, diversity and inclusion, human rights, and community engagement.


Governance encompasses the internal controls, policies, and leadership structures that guide a company’s decision-making processes. It examines factors such as board diversity, executive compensation, transparency, and ethical business practices.

Together, these three pillars provide a comprehensive framework for evaluating a company’s overall sustainability performance and its ability to create long-term value while considering environmental, social, and governance factors.


What does the ESG criteria & design filter entail ?

Thought the human mind can now possibly design almost anything that can be imagined, the crucial, moral question that needs to be asked is “Should we design, just because we can ?” The Olde Bangalore Resort & Wellness Resort, designed by architects, Chitra Vishwanath and Martin Laferriere, is a wonderful study in the sobering effect of ecological responsibility in a drunken sea of consumerist frenzy. 

A unique & intelligent resort design

The resort design intelligently answers the 3 key questions that are the pillars of the ESG criteria – that it is not damaging to the environment around, nor does it affect the society and it has zero detrimental effect on the governance aspects of the resort.


Designed with the Environment

All the mud excavated from the basement was sun-baked on site to become the bricks that built the large structure, thus saving on enormous amounts of a non-renewable, fossil-fuel like Coal. The imaginative use of open spaces, wide corridors and the setting back of western walls have all gone into ensuring that the temperatures in this building never exceed 27-28*C at any time, thus obviating the need for tons and tons of air-conditioning. 

A Swimming pool without digging an inch

The 25-meter 6-lane competition-ready swimming pool was built without digging a single inch, but just using the slope of the land and using construction debris to shore the walls ! Add to that the annual harvest and use of lakhs of litres of rain-water along with the recycling of waste-water (without electricity) and one begins to see the enormous possibilities that hold out hope for our beleagured planet!


Great Guest Experiences come from Great Team Work

At Olde Bangalore Resort & Wellness Center, the accolades we keep receiving on the fantastic guest experiences all stem from the simple fact that it comes from a happy team. This probably the only resort in India where the entire team enjoy permanent employment terms, have all their basic requirements of food, stay & uniforms provided free of cost and also receive a share of 5% of the monthly revenue along with their remuneration. 

These Policies wired into the DNA of the best Bangalore resort gives each member of the team, true ownership of the organisation, which is reflected in quality of service across all levels, translating to the fantastic guest reviews we receive on a daily basis. Regular Skill Development training sessions for all employees across multiple spheres of service keep ensuring they keep upskilling themselves and raising the service benchmarks in its truest sense.

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